Paper, Printprocess and Frames




This silver halide colour paper is specially designed for professional use. It offers the widest colour gamut, maximum density for deep blacks and excellent colour saturation. When used on medium or large scale printer systems or the Fujifilm Frontier minilabs, this paper yields high-image-quality digital prints that make it suitable for professional uses such as portrait or commercial photography. It has the highest level of image stability, ideal for display purposes.


  • Glossy

  • Lustre

  • Matte

  • Silk


  • Designed for professional use

  • Widest colour gamut

  • Exceptional sharpness

  • Vibrant colour reproduction

  • Excellent image stability

  • Back print with copyright protection

Lambda C-type Prints

Lambda c-type printing is the highest quality digital c-type printing available and uses the renowned Durst Lambda processor to produce prints that combine a traditionally archival process with all of the benefits of digital control. Digital file information (the image) is passed directly to photographic paper using a system of lasers (rather than LED’s, which are used by some digital c-type printers). The Durst Lambda c-type printer produces an image with a higher PPI than commonly used LED printers.

Through this process, it is possible to achieve ultra sharp photographic digital C-type prints with true continuous tone, crisp edge-to-edge printing and absolutely no distortion.

Because we don’t believe that photographic printing should be anything less than the highest quality, we only offer one level of service – our very best.

Costum Made Frames

The frames are costum made, of high quailty aluminium and come wtth a black- matte, or black-glossy finish. I frame my photographs myself to ensure the quality of the product that you invited on your wall.

Would you like another frame, no problem! Just send me an email with your request and phone-number so we can work out a plan to personalize the photograph and frame of your choice!