About the light and the shadow

“I’ll Keep You Where The Light Is”

This is the text which builts up my logo. For me, these words define the very essence of the work I create.

Besides the fact that photography literally means: writing with light”, I also find that the subjects and the people I capture intentionally search for that light. 

They aim to be in that spot

By capturing those moments I immortalize them there.I’ll Keep You Where The Light Is,

©The Little Bee

©The Little Bee

In the shadow is where I stand .That’s the spot Í want to inhabit.

My recognizability and visibility are to be taken out of my work. I do not want it to be defined by the colour of my hair, who my friends are , which car I drive, or what my political preferences might be.

I consider this separation of artist and creation to be benificial to the appreciation of my work in this era, which is defined by an all-connecting social media.

I am  A Nice Try Production.